japanese food takes a long time to prep no wonder why its $$$$!!

January 17, 2006 at 8:04 am (reflectionary)

my mom and i went shopping at mitsuwa yesterday. it’s wintertime so what i was happiest the most about seeing on the shelves were the boxes of meltykiss, ahem, meltyblend. this year, aside from the standard royal cacao, they have in stock royal almond!

inside the box reads, “gently melts in your mouth like a snowflake”, and i swear, these little individually wrapped chocolates are cubes of winter wonderland heaven. last year, my friend yasko brought me back a box of green tea meltyblend on her trip home to japan. i remembered that these chocolates were what nudged me along writing lit papers while i was in school. the best thing is, they’re individually wrapped in foil cellophane so you definitely have to work for it. currently, i am reading chocolate: a bittersweet saga of dark and light by mort rosenblaum and so far, meiji chocolates weren’t even mentioned. minus five for an almost 10 star read.

my mom and i tag teamed prepping dinner tonight so while she rolled up sushi with mango, snow crab and shrimp, i made some fried dough bits for a crunchy kani salad that she prepped earlier, broiled chicken teriyaki, made miso soup using dashi miso, seaweed and tofu and baked my first maccha green tea cheesecake (post distribution of portions to my family):

the pan i had orignally prepped (with a crust and all!) started to leak so i was forced to use a brownie pan. i should definitely invest in a kaiser pan very soon. the cake turned out pretty well, though i used some stale brittany galettes, they toasted up alright.

genmai-cha, cheesecake & blueberries (yay!)

my mom and i both agreed that it will be a VERY long time till the next time we set out to cook some japanese food for dinner again.



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