okay so i am a chocoholic

March 3, 2006 at 8:58 am (masarap/taste good)

this week i think i’ve eaten at least one new chocolate thing each day.
sat – valhrona melted between whole wheat bread, toasted

sun – trader joe’s 70% melted in a warm croissant

mon – leftover chocolate cocoa nib cookie
tues – chocolate bibinka


wed – an italian equivalent of a ho-ho with hazelnut filling, more chocolate bibinka (story to follow) – and bought two bags of chocolate fortune cookies in oakland chinatown
thurs – 3 pieces of chocolate macadamia clusters (and bought a chocolate roll from goldilocks)
chocolate… does a body good.

however, i am really inspired to start working with fruit, learning how to infuse desserts with extraordinary flavors. last week i went to a persian market on stevens creek and bought rose and orange blossom waters, orange blossom syrup and turkish coffee. i’d love ideas on what to start on with these ingredients.



  1. solara said,

    girl, i loooove this blog! aye, chocolate makes me happy too. i’ll have to bring some back from ghana, which is famous for goldentree chocolate. there’s a technique to enjoying it, i’ve learned. it’s to let it stick on the crown of your mouth while you suck (not chew) on it…since you mentioned wanting to experiment with fruit, here’s a simple recipe for kakro (i’ll have to check the spelling), or fried, doughy plantain balls. you’ll need about 2 or 3 plantains, flour, and cooking oil. grind the plaintains, old-school style if you have a mortar and pestel. but not so much that it’s no longer lumpy. add flour, about half a cup, and mix. i think my friend added ginger to the batter, but it’s not necessary. you can free-style it and add chocolate…anyway, in the end you’ll want to use your fingers to spoon out the batter into little balls, which you’ll drop into a semideep fry pan….try combining the finished product with vanilla icecream. yumm..

  2. Nina said,

    I love melting chocolating on bread… Have you tried toasting the bread a little, putting a slab of chocolate on it to melt in the oven, and then once out of the oven, drizzling it with olive oil and sprinkling with coarse salt? SO good. I read about it online somewhere–it comes from Ferran Adria at El Bulli.

    And you’re so lucky to have an accessible Persian market. I have a Persian cookbook called “New Food of Life” that I’m experimenting with that calls for some Persian ingredients that I don’t quite know how to find. Luckily, I have rose and orange waters. I made cupcakes the other day with the rose, and I’m going to make a sort of almond cookie called White Mulberries (or Tut) with both, probably later in the week.

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