uji-kintoki milk kitkat

August 15, 2006 at 1:14 am (mirepoix)

on my layover at narita airport, japan i picked up a bag of these candies from the sundry store. i cannot read any japanese so based on the picture on the bag, i figured it had something to do with green tea and azuki (red bean). i waited till i was home and shared the first bar with mom, who loves this kind of stuff. 

 at first taste, my brother told me it tasted sorta like rabbit food. i stuck it in the fridge overnight and on his second helping, he said it was pretty yummy.  

apparently, there are about a hundred varieties of kitkats all over the world and japan seems to have the most varieties spring up on it’s ground. so far, i’ve tried the passion fruit, matcha and now uji-kintoki milk. i remembered that the passion fruit was pretty good, not too sweet and tangy passion fruit flabor. it was a limited edition valentine’s day version created by le patissier takagi, a pastry chef in japan. i think it’s cool a chef is peddling kitkats. the matcha was good as well, though i love anything green tea (except for the matcha frappuccino at starbucks… icck! i had one at the narita airport and it tasted much better.) there was another variety at the airport: fruit parfait. supposedly, it had freeze dried fruit bits in it with a strawberry striped white chocolate. i think i missed out…

check out the scoop on the share-able candy….



1 Comment

  1. Chris said,

    Wow, green tea kit kat.
    They have everything in Japan

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