social justice to go

September 29, 2006 at 4:01 am (mirepoix)


re-dedicated for m.

no you wont be naming no buildings after me that go down dilapidated… surely.

~erykah badu




scurrying lights fill the city’s night

with dots of illumination

is this a just representation

of our nation?

or merely sublimination

of a city

on the brink of eternal extermination?


city, city

of nations

filipinas, chicanos, blacks

whites all trying to fight

against the dying of the night, asking


sista, can you spare a dime?

im outta gas

im trying to find

my way home

thats all

and no one, no one

hears my call


i dip my hand into by pocket

pennies and a granola bar are all i have




he says, goes back pulls away

and i think inside my head

whats it like to be inside his head

walk a thousand miles in his shoes

against the cold, grey pavement

and play by his life’s rules

he earns a living

telling ghost stories

those which fills his empty shell

so beggin for a dollar

for a picture painted

by words is all he has

while others just go along and pass

him by

for all he does is harass

when all he does is ask


sista, can you spare a dime?


but this time

im all out of dimes

and all i can do is rhyme

for i and he


all we really have are our words to tell our stories.






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