love, ghana

March 18, 2006 at 7:02 am (walking and eating)

my friend solara is studying abroad in ghana and after pleading with her to share of her adventures in food, posted this recipe in the previous blog comments.

here’s a recipe for plantain fritters/doughnuts:

“since you mentioned wanting to experiment with fruit, here’s a simple recipe for kakro (i’ll have to check the spelling), or fried, doughy plantain balls. you’ll need about 2 or 3 plantains, flour, and cooking oil. grind the plaintains, old-school style if you have a mortar and pestel. but not so much that it’s no longer lumpy. add flour, about half a cup, and mix. i think my friend added ginger to the batter, but it’s not necessary. you can free-style it and add chocolate…anyway, in the end you’ll want to use your fingers to spoon out the batter into little balls, which you’ll drop into a semideep fry pan….try combining the finished product with vanilla icecream. yumm..”


fried dough is always yummy. whether it be fresh homemade churros, malasadas, even fried tortilla strips covered in cinnamon sugar, they are a huge favorite of mine. when i was younger, i would experiment during summer vacation, using a recipe for pate choux from this cookbook:

i made both cream puffs and churro balls from the dough. i remember seeing my nanay making it, skillfully using a pastry bag to make both the puffs and churros. they’d use to be the perfect companion while watching fun house and punky brewster on an august afternoon…

tasty beat-alicious treats:


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pretty drinks

January 6, 2006 at 7:10 am (walking and eating)

coconut mocha @ hash house a go go

hot apple cider (angedible) & pomegranate lemonade (also angedible)

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never too much of a good thing.

January 6, 2006 at 6:26 am (walking and eating)

Heaven @ the Bellagio buffet. The surrounding air of the creme brulee trays smelled like Black Friday at Wal-Mart. Someone seriously almost got hurt by a ramekin that rolled off the tray and onto the ground as hands furiously snatched the cups faster than the burnt sugar could have a chance to harden atop them. My friend Reggie mouthed to me ‘take two!’ as we waited while they were torched. It was beyond insane!

On our pilgrimage to the buffet, our server let us in on his top 3 desserts at the dessert station: 1) the creme brulee, 2) ‘a chocolate thing’ that was not being served that night, and 3) ‘chocolate mousse torte’ – a silky, light and creamy mousse atop a hazelnutty marzipan-ish, ferrer rocher-like crust.

Tip #1 – Brulee is best when ‘Sugar In the Raw’ is sprinkled on top of them!

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